All horses arriving at HideAway Stables must have written proof of current coggins, be up to date on vaccination (flu/rhino/tetnus/sleeping/west nile/strangles), and current worming (within 8 weeks).  We don’t allow horses with vices (cribbing, weaving, etc.)

The Stable prides itself on the excellent care program, therefore all boarded horses will follow our healthcare schedule.

Horse's Resting Heart Rate: 38 to 40 beats per minute
Horse's Tempurature: Between 99.8ºF and 101.3ºF

Healthcare Tidbit:

Did you know that a normal adult horse will secrete up to 10 gallons of saliva per day?

Winter Water Supply
   Now that Minnesota has been getting into more average temperatures these days, it is important to make sure our horses are consuming the proper amount of water everyday.
   An average 1,000 lb. horse will consume 10 to 12 gallons of water daily. It is known that with colder temperatures, horses usually will not drink as much when the water gets colder, therefore their water consumption is sometimes cut in half. A good temperature for water is 45-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Some horses like warmer water and some prefer colder water.
   There is much debate whether horses will drink cold water in the winter. Research has shown that horses will drink cooler water in the winter as long as the water provided daily, in the troughs and stall buckets, remain the same temperature. A variation in temperature may keep them from drinking throughout the day.
   Horses that do not drink enough water have a higher chance of having a complication called impaction colic. Impaction colic is feed material that has caused an impaction in the intestines. Without enough water the food and fecal contents do not maintain adequate moisture levels and will cause a blockage.
   On a daily basis it is important to be checking the amount of water being consumed and make sure that the horses feces also looks to have the proper moisture levels. Horses that have a drier feces may need to be drinking more water for proper digestion. One way to encourage drinking is to make sure there is free choice salt in the stalls and in paddocks for them to lick on. Increasing salt intake can stimulate a horse to drink more. The idle, adult 1,000 pound horse should be consuming about two ounces of salt per day.

Winter water check list:

  • Horses should always have free choice of water daily

  • Make sure your buckets and troughs are clean

  • Make sure water temperatures are above freezing

  • Horses have free choice of salt in there stalls and out in paddocks