Horse Purchase Consultation


Students: Free, but you provide transportation for consultant or $0.50/mile for travel.
New students: Free when a lesson package of 6 lessons is purchased, $140.00. That is a $10.00 savings! You provide transportation for consultant or $0.50/mile for travel.
Non-student: $50.00 for horse purchase consultation and $0.50/mile for travel. You have the option to provide transportation for consultant to waive mileage fees.

We will spend some time talking about your background and experiences with horses prior to your consultation date. This will start our process to make sure that the horse you find is going to be a suitable match for your future as a horse owner.

I require a one hour session prior to your consultation at the Stable to observe you with a horse. The cost of this service is $20.00. Having a better knowledge of your skill level will determine which horse is going to be suitable for you.

You are hiring me to help you find a horse that will accommodate your needs and wants. I am giving my opinions based on what I see and observe in a short amount of time, therefore, there is no guarantee that this is the perfect horse for you.

Our next step is the consultation itself. I will observe the horse for:

* Conformation - how the horse's body is put together
* Ground manners - how it behaves around people
* Levels of training - beginner, intermediate, or advanced rider

I will help you make a list of questions to ask the horse seller prior to your consultation date.

I am not a certified veterinarian and always recommend a vet check on any horse you are going to purchase.